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The Bucket Shot

The Bucket Shot Shares Behind the Scene of Twine Gift Co
I have never waited to be ready before I start anything …

I didn’t have all the money, resources, and connections to open a company … but what I had was a “burning desire” as I learned on Think and Grow Rich. So, I went for it.

So, today, I came in early, like 8ish AM, whiningly if I might add ;), because I wanted to get to my new space to organize the shelves, continue to work on the refreshed corporate catalog and keep the gift shop open to meet and greet some new people.

The joy that brings me to just be here and see everything I dreamed of come to life is surreal. Which just continues to prove to me that I can make my dreams come true if I don’t get off the game EVER.

No guru needed to tell me that, I just had to prove it to myself, and stop doubting when fear hit. Which happened more times than I have ever experienced in my entire life.

My bucket shot is a warehouse full of products and gift boxes assembled and shipped out to make people connect and feel (SPECIAL).

I hope this post inspires you to relentlessly pursue your ‘bucket shot’ just as Peter Mckinnon did.

Watch the Bucket Shot Video Here : ( It will inspire you.

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Xx Sabrina

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