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Let's Twine Interview with Methodical Coffee

Let's Twine Interview with Methodical Coffee

Starting your own business can be incredibly challenging, especially in today’s trying times, so how exactly did Methodical Coffee turn into such a success on its first day of opening in 2015? Today, we introduce you to one of the three founders, Will Shurtz, and learn how he and his business partners, David Baker, and Marco Suarez started the widely loved and popularly known coffee house.

Methodical Coffee has been in the public eye since its first year in business just seven years ago. Raved about in over thirty different publications from Vogue, Architectural Digest, Forbes, and Food & Wine, the South Carolina café has been rated a must visit by many when touring the area.  

Without further ado, learn how the founders of Methodical turned pennies in the bank into a highly successful coffee business.

Read our exclusive interview with Will Shurtz below.

Hi Will! To start, what was that initial moment you knew you and your partners decided to start this business?

Hello! About 1.5 years before we opened our doors, Marco texted me asking “would you want to open a coffee shop together? I knew we needed David the moment he asked, but that’s when it all started to take place.

What’s the meaning behind the name, Methodical? Is there a story behind the logo and unique designs?

The name is a simple reminder that we want to be thoughtful of our actions. And the logo is honestly just meant to be a memorable visual that we hope will create fond memories and feelings for folks that encounter our company.

What’s one of the biggest lessons you learned after being in business for several years?

A close team of people and good communication make up the strength of a company!

Where do you see Methodical 5+ years from now?

Still here in Greenville, but roasting coffee for many more folks around the world, and MAYBE one more cafe somewhere out there?

What sets the Methodical experience from other experiences? What would you like to highlight?

We want people to know how much they are valued by how well they are treated. My hope is that our cafes will be a space for folks to feel so incredibly welcome and appreciated when they visit us.

What impact are you looking to make in your community through Methodical?

I’d like to eliminate the stigma of the “cool coffee shop for cool people only” and create an honest cafe where all are truly welcome. Also, sharing coffees from amazing producers is a real honor, and I hope to become better and better at telling their stories.

Lastly, any advice for future entrepreneurs?

I would say if you want to do something, you’re never going to feel truly ready to do it. You just need to get started!


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